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Functional and Stylish Spaces Created with Sentio Aluminum Baseboards

Functional and Stylish Spaces Created with Sentio Aluminum Baseboards

Ateco Flooring Materials, which started branding process in 2008 by aiming to design innovative products, continues to reach its targets thanks to its functional products. Ateco Flooring is preferred with aluminum skirtings besides the products specially designed for living areas.

Living spaces are more aesthetic

Aluminum baseboard profiles are laid in a corner where two different materials are joined together in the wall and ground combination, adding an aesthetic look to the living spaces. In addition, these designs, which have the ability to camouflage the cable stacks in the environment, eliminate the scattered image and provide a stylish appearance. Velo aluminum baseboard, which is one of the series of aluminum skirting profiles, offers an option to adapt to every living area with its different colors. Velo aluminum baseboards, which also make the rooms decorative with their aesthetic appearance, include a glossy matte option of each color.

Other aluminum baseboard profiles at Ateco Flooring consist of Crispo, Lato, Sentio, Wish, Leather, MPS-F series.

Ateco Flooring Materials invites everyone who wants to have aluminum baseboards with options of 6/8/10/12 centimeters in height, to its store in Istinye.