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Cameroon Japoma Stadium Coated With Polinet Locked System Polycarbonate

Cameroon Japoma Stadium Coated With Polinet Locked System Polycarbonate

Natural daylight is an indispensable element of architecture since it maximizes life comfort and visuality in buildings. High-quality MEGALUX panels, produced with advanced technology, provide wide and creative architectural design options by transforming the roofs and facades of buildings into natural light and color spaces in daytime and nighttime.
With its excellent light transmission, superior heat, water and wind insulation properties, easy, fast and safe system details, MEGALUX provides rational, functional and economic advantages for many types of buildings, creating spacious and bright spaces.
The 5,000 m² polycarbonate roof application of the 50,000-seat Japoma Stadium built by Yenigün Construction in Doula / Cameroon was carried out by 4D Building Elements from Polinet's solution partners using Polinet's Megalux 16 mm 5W locking system polycarbonates.
Polinet will continue to add value to the projects with its polycarbonate roof and façade systems. MEGALUX 16 mm 5W lock system is selected for the natural lighting of the stadium project, leaving behind many international equivalent products and having the happiness and pride of bringing 50.000 people with the comfort of natural daylight.
Information about the project can be found here.