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Artstone Signature on Kale Kilit Headquarters’ Extraordinary Surfaces

Artstone Signature on Kale Kilit Headquarters’ Extraordinary Surfaces

The Headquarters of Kale Industrial Holding was designed by Bakırküre Architects on an area of 9000sqm.

In this project which meets all the needs of Kale Kilit, radical alternatives were introduced to the principles of traditional office design. The building includes a reception area defined by a huge gallery space, working spaces set with Room-in-Room partition systems, a showroom, meeting rooms and greeneries which define the circulation of all these areas. The project, adapting the biophilic design into workspaces,  is amongst the idea initiator designs of this typology in terms of architecture.

On the corridor surfaces of the project, on the wall of the showroom and office area, the surfaces formed by the natural life-reflecting traces of mayon, one of the innovative design series products of Artstone, were cut off and filled with green items, became the most powerful design element supporting the biophilic principle captured in the interior by the Bakırküre team.

The transformation of Artstone panels into living and organic surfaces with architectural touches, brings back the idea that modern architecture’s material based limitations can be overthrown by architects.