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A Brand Nurtured by Innovation: Artstone

A Brand Nurtured by Innovation: Artstone

Artstone panels, which enable the application of natural material appearances to surfaces in a practical and durable manner with numerous design variations; fireproofing, sound insulation, harmful beam resistance features such as technical comfort in buildings increases. Thanks to its innovative design and production approach, it continues to determine trends in wall design with its new product series while carrying the evolving design criteria to the surfaces that are evolving with different dynamics every day.

Steel Now Lighter: Artstone Steel Series
The company's new designs, which were unveiled for the first time at BAU 2019, one of the world's largest building fairs, create characteristic surfaces with their own stories with textures that make the feel of the abrasive effect of time. With its existing product range, Artstone offers solutions that strengthen the designer's hand and stretch its material-oriented boundaries with its new Steel collection.
The culture of steel, which has been an adventure of 150 years in the field of architecture and design, brought to the modern architecture in this process, is found on the surfaces of Artstone Steel series panels.
The unique atmosphere is created with the Steel series panels that create industrial effects in spaces with the strong image of steel and worn textures. Adapting the surface stories left on the dusty shelves of history to today's modern spaces, the new design series symbolizes the most characteristic steel surfaces of the Middle Ages.
Since 2005, the company has been producing with innovative approaches in the field of wall coverings and wall panels. Its reference network includes architectural projects to shopping malls, administrative buildings, offices, residences and many different typologies. Emphasizing different materials, periods, styles, forms or motifs, Artstone panels took part in more than 7000 different types of projects with many project-friendly components such as performance, aesthetics, ease of use, maintenance and application advantages.