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NEA Mikrobeton

About the Company

NEA is an Italian-Turkish partnership that continues its operations in Istanbul, and serves the construction industry with a product pallet of high-tech products and featured wall and floor products. The main product categories of the company are acrylic and epoxy based technical solution products as microconcrete, fluid floor leveling screeds and finishing materials on surfaces.
NEA is the sole representative of Sweden and know-how products, producing, marketing and distributing. NEA Yapi creates a "difference" in projects with today's "metropolitan elegance", especially with micro concrete floors that make modern architectural solutions possible and top-floor products that allow various visual effects.
Microbetons are decorative concrete products and are products that provide architectural innovations with their traditional and exciting top-floor visuals when desired. Microbeton is a product group that offers personal solutions to today's quests in architectural projects where unusual searches and design stand out. Microbetons allow very creative and robust applications on floors with results.
The experience of NEA Yapı derives from the experience of its partners in the restoration and renovation sector for many years. This knowledge comes from studies that include consultancy, project design, education, scientific research and application.
NEA YAPI has combined the world-renowned Italian taste and the advantages of technical superiority in the protection and renewal sector with Swedish technology, thus doubling its chance to pioneer in product development and different applications.

NEA Mikrobeton Products

NEA Mikrobeton

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