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Mimsan Heat Technology
Mimsan Heat Technology

Mimsan Heat Technology

It is the largest company in the Turkish market in the production of heating devices with the brand "MİMSAN", making production with domestic capital. “Mimsan Isı Teknolojisi” has taken its place among the leading brands of the sector with its experienced team, product quality, customer-oriented design approach and after-sales services.
Mimsan Heat Technology, working to fully respond to the demands of customers, in order to offer solutions suitable for every need and budget; It has a wide range of products with different features in its portfolio:
  • Central system and individual hot water boilers that can work with solid, liquid and gas fuels,
  • Economy panels that work in harmony with the devices it produces,
  • Boilers, accumulation tanks, which give the heat obtained from the hot water boiler and solar energy to the domestic water,
  • Panel radiators and towel warmers,
  • Modular water tanks.
In addition to production; It sells and markets products such as burners, closed expansion, control valves needed in heating systems.
Reflecting the innovations and developments in the sector to its production, ISI TEKNOLOJİSİ A.Ş.; it certifies its quality with the quality and CE certificates it has received from companies such as Breauveritas, TÜV, GL.