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Wood Moisture Meter | Hydromette H 40

Brand: GANN

The BL H40 unit is an alectronic wood moisture meter that uses the resistance principle of measurement for precisely measuring sawn timber(up to 180mm in thickness), chipboards,, and veneers.The unit is used for individual measurements before and after processing. Additionally, the adjustablewood temperature compensation allows for optimisation of the measured value. Measuring range %5-%40 (dry mass). H70 model hydromette %5…%70 (dry mass) wood moisture meter.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Particularly suited to be used in joiner’s workshops, by paquest reclining, wood processing or painting contractors.


Measuring range %5…%40 (dry mass). 7 level wood species correction (more than 300 types). Wood temperature compensation is done manually or automatically in the range from -10…+40°C through the unit temperature.
Storage of the 5 most recent measured values..
Housing: 185 mm

3Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001