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About the Company

The most innovative products in the building industry are manufactured in the 73 MAPEI plants in 33 different countries across five continents. Over 1600 products (adhesives, sealants, mortars, admixtures, latexes and paints) make up the most complete range of building materials in the world. Miscellaneous high-quality chemical products designed to meet the needs of over 65,000 direct clients worldwide.

Mapei’s vast range of products allow the company to play an active part in improving the technical features of buildings, everything from anti-seismic safety to the creation of healthy living/working environments. Indeed, Mapei’s coherent eco-sustainable approach all over the world committed to protecting the environment is embodied in every stage of the life-cycle of its products. From development in the laboratories to manufacturing operations, from the disposal of packaging to customer service and the creation of a comfortable living environment. This is because MAPEI products and environmental quality and safety management systems meet the standards of the regulations set by the most authoritative certification institutes in the realm of environmental sustainability.

MAPEI entered Turkish market 4 years ago and since then is active in the production of chemical products for the building industry with a wide range of products, among which there are tiles adhesives and grouts, screeds, self-levellers, products for the substrate preparation, waterproofing systems, special repair and anchoring mortars, materials for thermal insulation, indoor and outdoor coatings, industrial floorings and other construction products that are always offered as a complete system.

MAPEI Turkey is running its activities from Ankara’s main office, Istanbul office and İzmir office, while the production is set up in Polatlı OSB, one of the most important industrial zones in Ankara, which is a strategic area for Turkey.  The plant is set on a total surface of 23,000 m2 whose 8.977 covered, out of which 3.477 m2 were just completed during the 1st quarter of 2016.

MAPEI Turkey double its turnover in 4 years and it now counts 80 employees who are all Turkish according the company belief and philosophy to act as a global company but at the same time to think as a local company in order to be as close as possible to the market needs. For this reason MAPEI has also adapted the formulations according to the local needs of the Turkish clients creating specific products which have been all developed and tested in the main R&D center in Milan and in cooperation with Polatli plant.de oluşturulan spesifik ürünler üreterek formülasyonları Türk müşterilerinin yerel ihtiyaçlarına göre uyarlamıştır.

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