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Founded with the partnership of two architects in 1991 and transformed into a Limited Company in 1993, LOT is a brand that specializes in wallpaper and fabric, has proven itself with its product variety and quality, gives confidence with its sales and after-sales services and creates happy spaces.


With its corporate responsibility awareness, LOT chooses the brands it represents among the most distinguished wallpaper manufacturers in the world. Modern, innovative, constantly improving itself with both design and production methods, while following technological developments in order to offer quality products, do not compromise on environmentalism and aim for long-term use, wallpaper and fabric manufacturers continue to gather under the roof of LOT.


LOT imports products from distinguished wallpaper and fabric companies such as Elitis, Tissage Mahieu, Desima, Calcutta, Behang Expresse, Coordonne, Trestintas, Giardini, Anna French from England and Wallquest, Thibaut, Questex, Wallsone from the United States. and offers them to its customers at the most affordable prices, in its stores on the Anatolian and European sides in Istanbul and its dealers throughout Turkey.


It continues to work with the same service concept on fabric, which is the indispensable complementary element of wallpaper.


LOT aims to create a bridge between the designer and the user with the right and quality service understanding thanks to wallpapers and fabrics. For LOT, luxury, long-term use means the increasing quality of life with wallpapers that can be easily removed without damaging the wall surface during the change phase that allows the walls to breathe thanks to environmental technology. Thanks to its experience, LOT is with you to add value to your walls, providing sustainable luxury and long-term profitability by directing the right wallpaper, fabric type, color, and pattern choices.

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