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Letoon Mimarlık
Letoon Mimarlık

Letoon Mimarlık

Letoon Architecture has been working on 'Surface Protection Technologies and Materials Consultancy' in a wide range from restoration to industrial sector for about 15 years and has been the representative of pioneer and industry leader companies in this field for many years;                                                                            *
  • IBIX Micro-blasting systems,
  • KEIM mineral-based potassium silicate paints,
  • PROTECTOSIL silane-based structural protection products,
  • FUBIX Grouting, grouting and plaster spraying systems,
  • GLADIATOR / SPARTACUS Anticorrosion thermoplastic coating systems,
  • RD COATING Water-based polyurethane coatings,
  • Also in 2021 completely ecological new product range, which Letoon started to produce under the brands of ECOTERA and BAUTERA, has started to add value by benefiting the projects.
Like all product groups Letoon represent, the basic criteria for the product groups, which Letoon produces, is to be ecological, sustainable, healthy, safe building materials and to provide long-term protection. ECOTERA and BAUTERA, Solvent-free / odorless / Ecological special paint solvents that can remove 8-10 layers of paint in one go, moss-algae-lichen-fungus cleaning and protection products, salt cleaning, transparent and / or colored anti-corrosive coatings, transparent and / or colored hygienic/antibacterial coatings etc. It has a wide range of products. With Letoon's innovative and dynamic structure, expert technical staff and the amateur spirit tried to be protected, Letoon continues it's work with the excitement of the first day in order to add value and benefit to the sector and the projects they work with.