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BTicino is founded in 1948 and began producing products and systems in modern industrial power needs by closely monitoring developments  is purchased by Legrand Group in 1989 as Italy 's number one manufacturer of electrical products. BTicino over than 180 countries with more than 33 thousand employees and at least within the one leader product group more over 70 countries and a market leader moreover in 20 countries with more than 170 thousand catalogue items is the best R&D center of Legrand Group in international arena. BTicino brand identity is positioned on the technology of traditional Italian design and system integration approach. In particular, the use of clean and simple lines of striking Italian design , modularity and multifunctiontality features Bticino with superior design and technology to leading international markets. It highlights as well as sustainability and energy efficiency in all their work, BTicino gives workshops over than 17 thousand hours a year about the environment and energy efficiency. Bticino holds switch socket market in Turkey, offers intercom systems and home automation products and solutions for the world market from low-voltage systems to automation system, a wide range of data to the system office solutions .

As well as the value of the concept stores in Belgium and Chile, Milan Bticino Concept Store received the reddot design award in the Communication Design category in 2011.


Legrand Elektrik

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