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Kovmatik continues to work on the fight against birds and offers environmentally friendly and permanent solutions by combating wild animals and insects. 1500 kinds of products, expert support team and extensive sales network serves brand in Turkey and neighboring countries; It brings world brands together with its consumers with its rich product range consisting of ultrasonic, sonic, laser, visual and natural repellents.
Professional assembly team with technical service; produces environmentally friendly solutions to the problems caused by birds such as pigeons, crows, sparrows and seagulls where production occurs. Institution; in Turkey, 120 bird species breed at issue in relation to the industry or agriculture is developing natural repellent methods.
Bird net and bird wire applications also play an important role in their solutions. Brand; It also serves in the categories of organic bird repellents, bird repellents, laser bird repellents, ultrasonic bird repellents and visual bird repellents.
It does not create an immune effect on animals with its Kovmatik, European and American origin products and mobile frequency devices using the most advanced technologies in the world.
Their repulsive activities include:
  • Bird repellent system installation
  • Bird net (bird net) applications service
  • Bird repellent liquid application service
  • Bird control studies and services
  • Bird control field studies
  • Bird control detection and projecting
  • Pigeon net assembly service,
  • Developing pigeon wire,
  • Anti-bird wire application (wire assembly)
  • Ultrasonic bird repellent applications
  • Protecting the area with pigeon repellent devices
  • Providing pigeon net applications
  • Protecting the area with seagull repellent devices
  • Providing bird control practices
  • To provide crow repellent products,
  • Developing laser bird repellent solutions
  • Protecting the area with bird repellent gel
  • Making the area safe with sonic bird repellent
  • Protecting the area with cat & dog repellent devices
  • To present fly repellent devices to consumers
  • Protecting the area with mouse repellent devices,
  • To offer fly rope applications,
  • Making the area safe with a mousetrap.