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Kärcher Turkey

About the Company

Founded in Germany in 1935 by Alfred Kärcher, KÄRCHER is an industrial giant that produces cleaning chemicals and detergents as well as cleaning machinery, equipment and accessories. K 110RCHER, with its users in 67 countries, 110 companies and more than 12 thousand employees, today offers innovative cleaning solutions to both professional and home users all over the world.
Adopting a sustainable management approach from product development to packaging, from production factors to the environment, KÄRCHER attaches importance to energy efficiency and the use of less plastic or aluminum in all its products. Highly efficient, application-specific and environmentally friendly detergents of KÄRCHER, which have features such as less water and electricity consumption, less waste water production, quieter operation, especially in the professional segment, reduce wastewater pollution by biodegrading.

Kärcher Turkey Products

Kärcher Turkey

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