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Solar Powered Bench and Display Systems

SECA - Off-grid, wireless and Solar powered Smart Bench Systems equipped with a high efficiency lithium battery - Internet Access and Charging Station | İLYA - Remote access display systems that can be carried anywhere wirelessly and do not require energy, using a Renewable Energy source and can perform indoor and outdoor lighting.

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LED lighting Lighting system LED display Smart building solutions Seating unit
About the Product
1Application Area

- Parks and Gardens
- Walking Paths
- Stops and Waiting Areas
- Hospital Gardens
- Disaster Gathering Areas
- Streets and Streets
- Campus and Workplaces
- Shopping Malls


SECA - Solar Powered Outdoor Bank Systems
• You can charge your phone while resting, waiting for the bus, or chatting with friends
LED lighting
• There is no need for electrical connection, it can be easily installed anywhere.
• It can be used in all kinds of public places. It is produced for outdoor use.
• It is a constant source of electricity for both phone charging and lighting by storing the energy it receives from the sun in the battery.
• Uninterrupted Green Energy source
• It can be used as a showcase for advertising or promotional purposes.
Closed upper structure protects from rain and sun
Special design for optimum efficiency

İLYA - Solar Energy Display Systems
• Solar powered double or single direction internal illuminated screen (Billboard) system.
LED ambient lighting system
Economical advertising system without wireless network electricity connection
Wireless lightweight construction that can be carried anywhere
• Advertising opportunity for cities with its original design
Remote access and control facilities

3Quality Assurance Certificates

Completely domestic production quality in ISO9001 & CE norms