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Tensile Acrylic Sheet

Brand: Policam

Policam acrylic sheets are the sheet type with the highest light transmittance among engineering plastics with a light transmittance value of 92%. It is frequently preferred due to its rigidity, natural UV and impact resistance and easy workability.

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Acrylic board Advertising panel Roof covering
About the Product
1Application Area

Automotive and transportation, advertising, interior applications, architecture and building industry, greenhouse coverings, noise and sound barrier, lighting industry


• It is the closest material to glass with its optical property.
• Hase value is lower than %1 and high transparency.
• Its density is half of a glass that is why it is respectfully lighter.
• Thickness range is 1-15mm and 8mm thickness and above POLICAM PMMA sheets are mostly being choosed for sound barrier applications.
• Policam acrylic sheets are produced from recyclable raw materials. In addition, its long service life is an important factor in reducing the carbon footprint.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

10 years warranty
TSE, EN ISO 7823-2, EN 14388, EN 13501-1, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, FDA, BSCI