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Hitit Seramik
Hitit Seramik

Hitit Seramik

Established on October 17, 1989 for the production of Ceramic Floor and Wall Tiles, Hitit Seramik has started its activities on February 22, 1991 with a total capacity of 2 million m2 including 1.000.000 m2 Wall Tiles and 1.000.000 m2 Floor Tiles in the first stage on 500.000 m2 land located in Uşak Organized Industrial Zone.
As a result of the new investment works which were accelerated following the installation and production, Hitit Seramik entered into a rapid growth process and within a short period of time the production capacity of 10 million m2 was reached in 76.000 m2 closed factories complex.
In the 2000s, in the face of the trust and intense demands of Hitit Seramik products, brand and quality of domestic and international markets, capacity and product type increase was needed and new investments were decided in 2004 and works were started rapidly. In a short period of time, 40,000 m2 additional closed factory buildings were built with the company's own resources and the production capacity of 10 million m2 was reached and 20 million m2 capacity was reached.
By conducting extensive researches in investment studies; It is aimed to present new and pioneering products to our country and world markets which can be produced with special technologies and machines and this aim has been achieved. With the power of its new investments, Hitit Seramik has become one of the rare production facilities of the world which can produce the most sizes and types of coating materials in a production facility today.
The aim of Hitit Seramik, which always aims to produce the best and the best, is to achieve these goals; identifying the needs of the user accurately, capturing innovative and creative approaches to respond to these constantly changing needs, creating a competitive structure within itself, conducting rigorous and forward-looking research in all investments, selecting the right technology and machinery, allocating large financial resources and exhausting but has been possible with tasteful studies.