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Panel Radiator

DEMİRDÖKÜM Plus Panel Radiator ( 600x1.00 ) Radiators are indispensable for keeping your homes warm in winter and creating warm environments with your family.

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Heater Bathroom radiator
About the Product
1Application Area



• High Thermal Power: DemirDöküm panel radiators 25 mm. Thanks to its pitch, they are the panel radiators with the highest thermal power in Turkey.
• Long Life: DemirDöküm panel radiators are coated with Zinc Phosphate and Cataphoresis paint. Corrosion resistance is 2 - 4 times higher than radiators using wet paint iron phosphate.
• Advanced Technology: With its unrivaled robot welding and painting technology and superior quality, DemirDöküm panel radiators are the first radiators in Turkey to be offered for sale with a 10-year warranty.
• Height: 60 cm
• Width: 100 cm
• Color: White
• Optimum Pitch: 25
• Test Pressure: 10.5-13 bar

3Quality Assurance Certificates

TSE (Turkey), BSI (England), DIN (Germany), NF (France), CE

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