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Fulldens Model Gas Fuelled Floor Type Full Condensing Boiler

MİMSAN TYK FULLDENS series gas fired floor type full condensing steel body boilers are specially designed for central heating systems, where economy is at the forefront with their high combustion efficiency and long service life.

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About the Product

• High combustion efficiency up to 108% (50/30˚C)
• 316 titanium alloy stainless steel material on all surfaces, where condensation occurs
• Suitable for standard barrel burners
• Microprocessor control panel, which can be integrated for controlling burner and pump system
• Siemens Albatros Series RVS Model Control Panels (Optional), which provide comfort and economy together
• Water cooled cover system
• Standard operating pressure 4 bar
• Full cylindrical boiler body
• The bonnet covered with electrostatic powder paint on galvanized sheet
• Mineral-based insulation material with 80 mm thickness on the body and front cover
• On-site manufacturing opportunity
• Environmentally friendly design with low flue gas emissions
• In accordance with national and international norms

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