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Condensing Stainless Economizer

In today's competitive conditions, where energy costs are gaining importance, consumers are looking for ways to use energy both efficiently and economically. This pursuit makes energy economy a necessity and a necessity. Economizer is the general name given to systems that are used to preheat fluids and provide energy savings by reducing energy consumption.

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About the Product

• Suitable for all gas fuelled boiler models operating within 200.000 Kcal /h - 5.000.000 Kcal /h capacity range
• Production in two different models, one mounted on the boiler (internal), the other, which can be connected to boiler flue outlet (external)
• Compatible with all brands and models of gas fired boilers
• Average 5% to 10% efficiency increase in the systems that use economizer
• The entire body is covered with 80 mm thick mineral-based insulating material
• All surfaces where condensation occurs 316 titanium alloy stainless steel material
• Special body design for draining condensation water
• High efficiency heat transfer surface thanks to finned tubes

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