Hermetic Gas Water Heater | Aquwa 12

Brand: Warmhaus

Hermetic gas water heater

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Individual and commercial use

• 21 kW water heating power
• 12 liters of comfortable hot water production per minute
• A class energy efficiency
• High efficiency up to 89.2% (ŋu-min.)
• Domestic hot water in L (Large) profile
• Low exhaust gas emissions compatible with ErP directives (NOx class 6) provided by watercooled stainless-steel burner
• Durable and environment-friendly copper heat exchanger
• Comfortable use as a result of wide modulation range between 21 kW to 9 Kw
• 35 - 60 °C water temperature adjustment range
• Precise demand detection thanks to the turbine water flow sensor
• 48 dB low sound level
• Takes up less space with its compact dimensions and small volume [0.0519 m³ = 51.9 Liters]
• Electricity consumption only as much as a light bulb thanks to variable speed fan
• Only 3 W electric consumption in stand-by mode
• Digital LCD screen: ±1 °C temperature adjustment sensitivity, Error Diagnostic System, easy ”Error RESET Feature”
• Operation range between 195-253 V AC
• Compatible with solar energy heating systems containing storage tanks
• Flue length up to 4 meters horizontally and vertically

2 years warranty