Condensing Combi Boiler | EnerwaPlus

Brand: Warmhaus

Warmhaus wall-hang gas combi boilers Enerwa and EnerwaPlus, with the advantage of its width as 288mm, are easily fit to narrow places to assemble. With its modern designs, it could be hung inside the kitchens or the balconies.

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Individual use

• 28/35 kW and 32/40 kW two different power
• Continuos productivity up to 97,5%
• Lower gas and electricity consumption
• Stainless steel heat exchanger
• Simultaneous double tap feeding hot water capacity
• Insulated body
• Gas adaptive control system
• NG and LPG compatible combi boilers
• ±1 0C temperature sensitivity
• LCD control panel - black and orange display and black digits - symbols colors

2 years warranty