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Natural Gas Burner

The Natural Gas Burner is a device that creates a mixture that will ensure controlled and efficient combustion of air and fuel. The burners to be selected in accordance with the boiler will positively affect the combustion quality and efficiency. The general principle of these devices; The main thing is to increase the combustion efficiency, to reach the ideal combustion conditions, to prevent environmental pollution and to save energy. In the selection of the burner, the type should be determined according to the characteristics of the combustion chamber, taking into account both the working principle and the characteristics of the control system.

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About the Product

• Single Stage Natural Gas Burners are adjusted once according to the heat drawn, and ensure that the fuel is burnt in the same amount continuously. The burner operates in ON-OFF mode.
• Two-Stage Natural Gas Burners can operate at maximum and minimum load depending on the heat absorbed. In the first activation, it starts at minimum load and switches to maximum load depending on the heat requirement. This type of burners work without impact.
• Proportionally Controlled Burners can automatically adjust their capacity according to the changing load. This type of burners can reduce the working load up to 20% of its maximum capacity.

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