Wall Type Split Air Conditioner | U-CROWN

Brand: Gree

You will have high performance with the U-Crown series. You will push the limits with the U-Crown series, which can cool at 54C and heat at -30C. With its specially designed indoor unit design, it produces sound at minimum sound pressure level while receiving high air flow. Whisper quieter performance with 19 dB. It provides air purified from all bacteria and germs with PM2.5 special hygienic filter. Wifi feature is standard and you are in control of your air conditioner even when you are not at home. With the Cold Plasma technology, the air conditioner emits positive and negative ions to the room, destroying the bacteria all over the room. Cold Plasma purifies the indoor air from harmful substances, odors, many pollutants such as dust, pollen and mites. With the 2-stage compressor technology developed by Gree, the discharge temperature is kept low even under harsh conditions. This increases the durability of the compressor and extends its life.

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Suitable for all kinds of homes and offices, shops, etc.

• 3 capacities as wall mounted series, 9000-12.000-18,000 BTU/h
• R32 refrigerant flow
• PM2.5 filter
• 3d air orientation
• Quiet design
• 7 fan speeds
• 4 types of sleep mode
• Cooling at -18 C, heating at -30 C.
• WIFI control
• Cold plasma
• Soft start with Soft Start
• 17cm depth
• Child lock, smart defrost, I FEEL and turbo mode

CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TUV, EMC
6 years warranty