Variable Refrigerant Flow

Brand: Gree

Variable refrigerant flow system work for both cooling and heating for all applications. VRF system is available to connect more indoor unit with different model and capacities. Temperature controlled by individual, centralized or automation as BMS for higher efficiency and more energy saving. VRF system give independent and individual control possibility. Building can design zon by zone depends on architectural requirements. The system can record the highest outdoor temperature. At night, the system will automatically turn to quiet mode. Maintenance is easy and operation cost is lower than other system. System operate user friendly. All DC Inverter Technology to Improve Compression Efficiency.VRF system make accurate control (+-0,5C ) in order to realize high comfort. VRF system desing as flexible and has long distance piping advantages for high rise buildings. With compact design, the outdoor unit can be carried to the roof of building through elevator, with no need of crane. It is easier for delivery and installation. Non-polar CAN Technology to improve communication efficiency. Sensorless control technology guarantees lower noise, less vibration and steadier operation. Wider range of voltage and operation condition. Intelligent defrosting control. Sub-cooling control technology to ensure optimal cooling and heating.

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Home, villas, hotel, office building, shopping center, business center, social facilities, museum, congress center, sport hall

Heap Pump VRF: single modul 22 HP, combination 88 HP (Cooling : 246 kW, Heating : 276 kW)
Mini VRF 4-5-6 HP,
Slim VRF 8-10-12 HP,
Single Modul Big Capacity VRF 28 HP and 32HP,
Heat Recovery VRF : single modul 8-16 HP , combination 64 HP,
Water Cooled VRF: single modul8-10HP , combination 40 HP,
Home VRF: Cooling / heating and hot water. 12 -14-16, 22.4-28 kW capacity.
All DC inverter compressor
Heating at -20°C - 24°C ; Cooling at -5°C - 52°C ambient temperature,
Indoors; 12 different model and 110 different capacity range,
External static pressure up to 82 Pa for outdoor,
Max total pipe length reaches 1000m,
Emergency Auto-Off Control The outdoor unit can be linked with a fire alarm
signal. In case of emergency, unit can automatically turn off to avoid risk or further loss.
Intelligent defrost control give maximum heating confor during winter season
Lower Power Consumption Operation Mode
CAN network adopted to make auto addressing of outdoor and indoor unit.
Fast Start-up in Heating
Two-stage Oil Separation Control and Oil Return Control Technology
Highly Anticorrosive Golden Fins
Smaller Impact to Power Grid
7 speeds Indoor fan,
Modules Rotation Operating to Maximize Lifespan

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO18001, CE Declaration, German TUV Certificate, American UL Certificate, 3C Certificate, Russian Satety Certificate, Canadian ETL Certificate