Living Room Split Air Conditioner | T-FRESH

Brand: Gree

T-Fresh living room air conditioner offers options with models with 24.000 and 48.0000 Btu/h capacities. With its smart defrost feature, it shortens the defrost time and keeps the comfort level of the indoor environment at the highest level. Thanks to the Turbo mode, it brings the indoor temperature to the desired value as soon as possible. Thanks to the fire-resistant electrical box, fire safety is ensured and external intervention and impact are prevented.

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All kinds of offices, shops, large interior spaces, etc.

• T-Fresh living room air conditioner is offered for sale as 24.000 Btu and 48,000 Btu in inverter models, and as 48,000 BTU in ON_OFF model.
• It is in A++ energy class in cooling mode and A+ energy class in heating mode.
• R32 refrigerant flow
• Ability to operate in the low and high voltage range
• -15 C degree heating feature
• Turbo mode
• Easy maintenance
• Energy-saving
• Sleep mode
• Dehumidification
• LED display panel

CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TUV, EMC
3 years warranty