Air to Water heat Pump System

Brand: Gree

Versati, a DC inverter muitifunctional air to water heat pump adopting advanced heat pump technology, absorbs natural heat from the ambient air and then heats it for room heating. it not only satisfies room heating requirements but also supplies domestic hot water. Besides, Versati can also provide you a cool air in hot summer. it is an All-in-One! The indoor hydro-box transfers the heat in the refrigerant to the water circulated in the central heating radiators, under-floor heating system and sanitary hot water heating system and sanitary hot water tank. Versati adopts DC lnverter Technology and the most efficient Refrigerant R410A with Zero Ozone depletion, with excellent COP up to 4.55. Versati based on Heat Pump Technology, which extracts the heat energy from the outside air and increases its temperature for domestic heating purposes, greatly reduces the energy consumption and C02 emissions.

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Home, villas, boutique hotel, small offices, social facilities, healthy clinic

-Outdoor Capacity :
Versati outdoor capacity : Cooling: 4-15 kW Heating : 4-16 kW
Versati II + Split Tip capacity : Cooling : 6-10 kW Heating : 8-14 kW
Versati II +Monoblok capacity : Cooling : 6-10 kW Heating : 8-14 kW
Split Type water heater capacity : 2 – 4 kW
Integral Type Water Heater capacity : 1.5 – 2.4 kW
-Hydrobox: 6.1 kW
-Water tank capacity : 200 – 300 lt
-Operation Temperature :
Heating -20-35°C Cooling 10-48°C Water Heating -20 - 48°C
-Hot Water Temperature Range :
Domestic water: 40°C to 80°C
Heating: Fan coil/Radiator: 25°C-55° Floor : 25°C-45°C
Cooling: Fan coil/Radiator:7°C-25°C Floor: 18°C-25°C
-Twin Rotary DC lnverter Compressor,
-Efficient Axial Fan,
-DC Fan Motor : The stepless adjustment of DC fan motor,
-Heat Exchanger : Heat exchange efficiency of the louver fin is increased by 5%.
Special thickened inside-thread copper pipe enhances performance by over 8%.
-Precise Temperature Regulation
-Flexible and Compact Design both outdoor and Hydrobox and water tank
Outdoor (WxDxH) : 1390x412x890 Monoblok
Outdoor (WxDxH) : 900×412×1345 Split Type and Versati II
Hydrobox : 500x324x900
-Quiet Mode : the operation noise of the unit can be decreased by more than 3dB(A)
-Heat Exchanger : Highly anti-corrosion blue hydrophilic coated aluminum fın.
-Wide Voltage Range Operation : 185-264V / 1 faz 319-456V / 3 faz

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO18001, CE Declaration, German TUV Certificate, American UL Certificate, 3C Certificate, Russian Satety Certificate, Canadian ETL Certificate