Chopper Gun and Spray Systems

Brand: Graco

GRACO brand polyester resin spray and chopper systems are used in production of GRP composite parts. The chopped glass fibers and polyester resins are sprayed on to the mould at the same time. High quality durable GRP parts can be achieved. The Gelcoat systems are used in order to achieve high gloss surfaces with optimum gelcoat consumption. Due to its raw material saving, it is preferred by companies who will requires large part production . Usign these automatic systems saves on the man power and its costs.

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GRP spray applications, boat, automotive and truck parts, swimming pools, shover trays, bath tubs, sanitery products, corosion resistant products.

• GRACO chopper and spray systems available in external and internal mix with 13:1 and 17:1 pressure ratios.
• Max. air intake pressure: 7.0 bar
• Max. flow rate:5,7 litre/min.
• Adjustable catalist ratio and fiber spray speed
• Easy blade change
• Low maintanence cost

CE, ISO 9001