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Granitaş was established in Bilecik with a modern technology on 40.000 m2 land in 1989. Granitaş operates a total of seven granite quarries in our country; Aksaray (2), Bergama, Giresun, Kırklareli, Eskişehir and Ankara.
Today, granite, which is the most durable and prestigious building material, has more and more demand in parallel with the development of the construction sector in our country. Granitaş, which gives granite shape in today's modern buildings, especially in exterior cladding and floorings according to customer projects, is the leader of the sector.
Granitaş has reached a production capacity of 2.000.000 m2 with the factories of Bergama, Kırşehir, Aksaray and Sivrihisar which were established near the quarries after Bilecik factory. In addition to domestic market production, it also exports to world markets and exports to foreign markets in Russia, England, Turkic Republics, Germany, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Indonesia, Ukraine and Iraq.

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