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“Global International” presents all the products contains and manufactures in itself to the world, such as Construction Materials, Polyurethane Decorative External and Internal Wall Covering Products, LED Lighting Systems.
Polystone which is the leading product of the group is a decorative Polyurethane external wall covering product. Polystone has numerous advantages such as perfect thermal and noise insulation, waterproofing, ease of mounting, a charming face. We provide a sense of service that will be enough to meet all demands of the most precise customers. In addition to production and selling Polystone, we also give service with our experienced designer and project team consisting of specialized architectures, in the field of preparation of architectural exterior wall projects and visualization of them. We also create projects that are built on LED Lighting systems, which prioritize architectural aesthetics of the buildings and the cities.
Our company responds to the demands in relation to the exterior wall works made by Architectures, Building Companies, Special Sector and Public Institutions and provides customers with fast and quality service.
“Global International” is in the field with its internationally gained experience and sense of high quality service.
“Global International” calls you to create Architectural Jouissance with an intention to bring aesthetics and technology & architecturalism together.”


Global International

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