Reflex, designed by Bürosit R&D Center, brings elegance, ergonomics and durability to your office with four different types. With its flexible mesh back that grips your back and the seat of your choice, it is a product that suits modern style offices. High quality mesh stretched back and imported seat cover fabric ensure Reflex's durability. Color options in net and seat fabric make it possible to customize the seats according to your office architecture or corporate colors. With the German Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS) quality standard certificate, Reflex is a product preferred by managers who care about the efficient and happy work of their employees. We developed the long-backed model of Reflex, which originally emerged as an operator chair, in line with customer demands. Reflex 9 long-back executive chair has a choice of two models with or without a headrest.

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Venues and workplaces such as offices, financial and health institutions, government institutions, hotels, airports and universities.

Aluminum, Plastic, Fabric

• Imported gas spring is used in the product that provides up-down movement of the sitting group and 360° rotation around its own axis.
• Armrest types in the product are optionally offered in the following alternatives.