Parantez; It was born in the hands of the Spanish designer Carlos Tiscar. This special design is a life saver when you want to be alone and listen to yourself. Parantez; It offers special areas that will leave you alone with your creativity, with its high back design that does not conform to the usual straight lines and the perfect tranquility it creates. The mutual use of two Parantez creates efficient working environments by increasing interpersonal interaction. Parantez redefines peace for you with its high - low backrest options and vibrant colors.

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Venues and workplaces such as offices, financial and health institutions, government institutions, hotels, airports and universities.

Aluminum, Plastic, Fabric

• Seat and backrest frame, armrest frame made of papel material reinforced with metal profile; It consists of papel material.
• Parts are connected to each other by metal brackets.
• Optional fabric or artificial leather is used in the product.