Banzai is a dynamic and ergonomic executive chair that provides comfort in your office life. Designed by Fahrettin Gülener, the founder of Bürosit, Banzai takes its name from the Japanese culture, which is also reflected in our production processes. The product was named Banzai, which means 'Long Live' in Japanese to emphasize the effect of ergonomics on the performance of the office chairs we spend most of the day on. Banzai is a fully ergonomic design with a backrest and movable head consisting of four mesh lobes that wrap around the areas that need support on your back for a comfortable sitting. It is a product that you can use for many years without any problems with its aluminum star foot and wheels that are resistant to hard floors, which have passed the durability tests at the Bürosit R&D Center.

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Venues and workplaces such as offices, financial and health institutions, government agencies, hotels, airports and universities.