Cabinet Systems


All accessories in the standard program are used in SPACE TOWER. In addition to the drawer box systems LEGRABOX, MERIVOBOX or TANDEMBOX, it is also possible to design wooden drawers with MOVENTO or TANDEM. In this way, integrity is ensured in the general design of the kitchen and many areas that can be individually arranged are created in the cabinets.

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Furnitures in all living spaces

• Top-down: Each full-draw drawer is fully visible from the top. Supplies are quick to find and can be easily picked up from above.
• Flexible interior organization: Interior partitioning systems optimally organize items and provide better order and better visibility. The supplies are stored without tipping over.
• High carrying capacity: Each deep drawer draws attention with its high carrying capacity of up to 70 kg in total. In this way, heavy items such as bottles are also safely stored.