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Illuminated Furniture Cover

Brand: Artlight

Illuminated, bright, vibrant color, illustrated, textured furniture cover. Equipped with illuminated pictures, kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets, young room cabinets add a different atmosphere to the spaces with their light and appearance.

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About the Product
1Application Area



Metal, Wood, Glass, Plexi, Mica


The homogenous illumination of furniture surfaces as illustrated or without picture is the general characteristic of the products. In addition, different coating materials such as glass, acrylic, mica, perforated metal, light permeable fine stone, fabric, natural wood veneer are used on the outer surfaces. Artlight luminaires are suitable for all kinds of furniture. It can be applied to sliding racks, drawers and hinged cabinets. It works with 12 volts low and safe energy, low consumption and uses the LED technology with 50.000 hours life. It stands like a illuminated wall poster in sliding door shelves, it glows with appropriate pictures in bathrooms, and it can illuminate the cupboards with logo and picture covers without using illuminated accessories in offices.

Metal or wooden frame,
LED strip,
It has different surfaces such as glass, plexi and mica.
Crystal mica or with picture,
Furniture covers are in free dimensions,
Can be used as cover on all kinds of furniture,
It has the feature of lighting the exterior and inner surface,
Free image can be applied,
Light and color can be adjusted with control,
It is completely cable-free.