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CLK Dish Scaffolding Slab Formwork

Brand: İntek Kalıp İskele

CLK scaffolding slab formwork system, beam, hollow or cork, is a system that produces very practical and suitable solutions for all floors. Especially the differences in the level of flooring or flooring can be solved very easily with this system. The system is practical due to the small number of elements. The four horizontal members are fixed to the vertical member at one point by a single hammer stroke. The locking mechanisms placed on the vertical elements with 50 or 100 cm spacing are the connection points of the horizontal elements. The locking mechanism consists of the lower bowl welded to the vertical member and the upper bowl moving on the vertical member. The upper bowl rigidly fixes the horizontal element heads placed between the lower bowl and the upper bowl by rotating downward by hammer blow.

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Formwork system
About the Product
1Application Area

Houses, industrial buildings, shopping malls, bridges, tunnels, viaducts, retaining curtains, villas, business centers


When materials are stacked, they take up very little space.
The system consists of very few elements.
The institution is very practical.
Produces very suitable solutions for jeans differences.
The 4 horizontal elements merge into a single point.
With the same elements it is possible to create a ladder scaffold or facade scaffold.
Produces suitable solutions for all kinds of flooring.
It has high bearing capacity.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001:2015
TS EN ISO 3834-3


* Moscow Park Shopping Center Project
* Avia Park Shopping Center Project
* Boryspil International Airport Project
* BRANDIUM Ataşehir Life and Shopping Center Project