INTEVA Wide Surface Wall Column Formwork

Brand: İntek Kalıp İskele

İNTEVA curtain molds have a wide usage area from industrial buildings to villas, viaduct legs and retaining curtains.

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Multi-storey buildings, housing projects, business and shopping centers, hotels and hospitals, cultural buildings, industrial buildings, stadiums, towers, transportation structures, road and bridge projects, water structures

Easy to carry by crane.
Panels of different lengths and widths are formed with the same elements.
High circulation speed is achieved.
The formwork is easy to adapt from one project to another.
It is possible that the board created at the beginning of the work can be used without disassembling until the end of the work.
This ensures very low material loss.
Minimizes your project-specific solution and custom manufacturing needs.
It allows design according to different concrete pressures from project to project.
Compatible with other INTEK formwork systems.

ISO 9001:2015
TS EN ISO 3834-3

* Al Jadida - Safi Highway Project
* Al Fateh University Project
* Olympic Village Project
* Istanbul European Side Court of Justice Project
* Raidah Building Project