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ADP Adjustable Circular Curtain Formwork

Brand: İntek Kalıp İskele

For projects with circular curtains of varying diameters, the ADP system produces economical and fast solutions. The internal and external panels created at the beginning of the work are easily adjusted to the curtains of all different diameters. Thus, disassembly-assembly work is not required for each curtain separately. As the diameters of the circular bulkheads change, the mold is brought to size by means of adjusting shafts. The thickness and location of the wooden spacer are determined according to the wall diameter and thickness. As the thickness of the wooden spacer changes and it is placed between the inner or outer panels, the panels will be placed exactly opposite each time and the anchoring holes drilled on the plywood will not change. Thus, there will be no need to drill too many holes on the plywood and the surface quality of the screen concrete will be improved.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Houses, industrial buildings, shopping malls, bridges, tunnels, viaducts, retaining curtains, villas, business centers


ADP adjustable curtain molds easily adjust to curtains of different diameters by means of adjustment shafts.
Different assemblies are not required for different curtains.
The same anchoring holes are used in each casting. There is no need to drill different holes on the plywood.
The outer corners mounted on the sides of the panel are made of special profiles.
The special outer corner profile and the special locking system allow the panels to be joined at any point, eliminating the need for holes in the outer corners to meet each other.
A small number of locks are sufficient for panel combinations. This shortens the mold and dismantling labor time.
A solution is produced with a small number of anchor shafts by using AD belt in waterproof structures such as treatment plant and pool.
In buildings where water tightness is not required, solution is produced without using AD belt and economy is brought to the system.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001:2015
TS EN ISO 3834-3


* Al-Tahadi University Project
* Lebanon University Project
* Yanbu Power and Desalination Plant Project
* Olympic Village Project