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SCAFSET® Cuplock Scaffolding System


SCAFSET® Cup-Lock Scaffolding System is a scaffolding system, used as slab bearing scaffolding or a working scaffolding in various buildings. It consists of horizontal member, vertical member, moving platform parts and many accessories. Connections are attached to the cups in the vertical components with paddles in horizontal components. It is easy to install, transport and store. It can be easily shaped according to building shape. Therefore, it is preferred for industrial facilities, petroleum refineries, shipyards, constructions, entertainment sector and concert or sports areas which need temporary tribunes. The system is hot dipped galvanized which is resistant to corrosion. SCAFSET® Cup-Lock Scaffolding System conforms to TS - EN 12810 norms and is certified.

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Cup-lock scaffold
About the Product
1Application Area

It is preferred in industrial facilities, oil refineries, shipyards, constructions, entertainment sectors and concerts or sports fields where temporary stands are needed.


• SCAFSET® Cup-Lock Scaffolding System consists of horizontal and vertical components.
• Up to 4 horizontal connections in every direction at a time can be made to the connections on prop systems.
• Any connection component is not required for the connection, made to cup apparatus.
• It is easily assembled and disassembled with a single blow by a hammer. Since it does not use any connection components, savings are achieved on time, labor and cost.
• It can be used with anchorage at any height and width.
• It has a load carrying capacity of 6 tons when the prop systems are connected with 0.5 meter horizontal component.
• Walking platforms are manufactured perforated for safety. Walking platforms are connected to the system securely with special connection clasp.
• Every component is manufactured automatically with gas robots.
• Connecting components are fixed to vertical components.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

TS - EN 12810

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