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CLIMBSET-W® Wind Protection System


CLIMBSET-W® Wind Curtain System is a system designed to provide high work safety areas by providing total protection in all weather conditions by cutting the wind speed in high-rise buildings. The system, which provides the possibility of working more efficiently by increasing the safety of workers and workers to a higher level, is manufactured in a climbable way by crane or hydraulic system.

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Security platform protection screen for high-rise construction safety
About the Product
1Application Area

Especially in high buildings, the system provides a safe working environment and provides optimum solutions for every project by flexible dimensioning of protection screens against material and worker fall.


• The CLIMBSET-W® Wind Curtain System surface is made by mounting trapezoidal cross-section, plywood or perforated plates on the wooden carrier according to the desired wind cutting degree.
• Safe working areas can be expanded by closing 2 or 3 floors simultaneously according to customer demand.
• During the construction process, floor formwork, devices and other materials are transported quickly and safely using loading platforms and / or Table Extraction System.

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