PROTEK Temporary Protection Screen

Brand: İntek Kalıp İskele

Edge protection systems are used primarily in construction to prevent people and objects from falling to a lower level than floor edges, stairs and other areas that need to be protected. Any height that could cause physical injury in the building sector is considered dangerous and must be secured with edge protection. Therefore, edge protection systems should be used in all phases of construction. The floor on which the temporary edge guard is installed must bear the load for which it was designed.

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Houses, industrial buildings, shopping malls, bridges, tunnels, viaducts, retaining curtains, villas, business centers

The entire system complies with TS EN 13374 standards.
Designed to be installed by even one person, this system is installed and dismantled very quickly.
One of the simplest measures that can be taken against falls in the construction sector is edge protection.
The parts are protected against corrosion by electrostatic powder paint.
It takes up very little space during storage.
Provides a highly secure working environment.
All parts of the system are heavy enough to be carried by hand without the need of a crane.
High-security working environment increases productivity. Tunnels, viaducts, retaining curtains, villas, business centers

TS EN 13374
ISO 9001:2015
TS EN ISO 3834-3

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