FPS Safety Console

Brand: İntek Kalıp İskele

The security console, which is installed two or three floors below the working floor, seeks to protect both the floor and the people below by capturing people and objects falling from the working area. The system consists of a safety net stretched between the steel profiles and a safety net placed on it.

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Multi-storey buildings

Complies with TS EN 1263 norms.
The distance from the building façade to the outside is 3 meters.
Standard widths are 400 cm and 600 cm.
The system is carried from floor to floor by crane.
The two consoles must be placed at least 75 cm on top of each other during installation.
To capture people and large objects 10x10 cm eye-sized safety nets are used. The main carrier is used as a second row on this web to catch small objects and to prevent the employee's eye from darkening when viewed from above.

ISO 9001:2015
TS EN ISO 3834-3

* Concord Istanbul, Uplife Kadıköy Project
* Varyap - Meridian Project