MKTF Modified Tunnel Formwork

Brand: Mesa İmalat

Tunnel Form is a system that allows casting of walls and slabs in one operation on a daily cycle. Construction durations are reduced significantly by this rapid system when compared to conventional methods. Tunnel Form System brings speed, quality and accuracy to concrete construction and provides big savings in finishing and M&E works. Hi-tech steel formwork surface provides high quality concrete finishes. The system creates efficient load-bearing structures which are known as the most earthquake resistant structures. Main feature of tunnel form system is to transform building construction almost into an industrial production line by systemizing daily works into repetitive activities like a factory production which eventually provides highest efficiency on site with daily cycle. MKTF Tunnel Form System is a new generation design which combines practical accessories of modular tunnel form system with classical panels. This model provides user friendly and light weight tunnel form application.

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• Durable system
• Surface quality
• Work safety
• Light-weight
• Practical push-pull props
• Rollers for easy stripping of half-tunnels
• Telescopic extension legs