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Solid Parquet

Brand: BVT

Traditional parquet is called "solid parquet". It is made by cutting well-dried wood of suitable quality into thin layers and strips in thicknesses such as 16-20 mm. In the construction of traditional parquets, hardwoods are used in terms of durability. In the application, solid parquet pieces of 16--18 mm thickness 3--13 cm width 20--100 cm length are glued to the floor with glue, if there are gaps, the joints are grained with a mixture of emery powder and varnish, the surface is leveled with thick to fine sandpaper and polished. it is made ready for use. Solid parquet requires skilled labor in practice and is more permanent, although it is expensive compared to other parquet types. In this context, solid parquet has the life of the building.

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About the Product
1Application Area

It is used in residences, hotels, offices, meeting rooms, wherever the warmth and comfort of natural wood is sought.




Thickness: 16 - 18 mm
• Width: 3 - 13 cm
• Height: 20 - 100 cm

4Quality Assurance Certificates