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Raised Flooring Systems

Raised floor systems create a second floor surface on the building floor and allow materials such as pipes, ducts and cables of electrical, mechanical and ventilation installations to be delivered to the desired point quickly, without the need for construction works that cause time and money loss. It is a useful building material.

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HPL covered access floor PVC covered access floor Granite covered access floor Linoleum covered access floor Galvanized covered access floor Calcium sulphate core access floor Encapsulated access floor Concrete core access floor Chipboard core access floor Foil covered access floor
About the Product
1Application Area

• Offices
• IT and Electronics Centers
• Schools and Educational Institutions
• Hospitals and Health Centers
• Shopping Centers and Shops
• Factory and Process Areas
• Commercial Buildings


As a modular structure, it is suitable for relocations and later adjustments. Raised floor systems materials are manufactured from environmentally friendly, non-dust-proof materials that are resistant to corrosion and fire, not affected by moisture and humidity, and do not contain substances harmful to human health and nature. In raised floors, the main material is particle board or calcium sulfate. Aluminum sheet, aluminum foil or galvanized steel, which is produced in accordance with the standards, is used as top and bottom coating material in these building materials. Where necessary, linoleum, ceramic, natural stone, granite, carpet, vinyl PVC or laminate (HPL) can also be used for surface covering.

Raised Flooring System Components
• Carrier System: In such systems, floor panels are applied on the carrier system. The carrier legs are adjustable; roof sheet, head sheet, stud, pipe, plastic gasket and nut. Metal components are electrogalvanized for corrosion protection. If the height of the raised floor application is more than 20 cm, "U" shaped belts that connect the head sheets of the carrier feet should be used.
• Floor Panels: Floor panels are modular. 600 x 600 x 30 mm in size, compressed particleboard or calcium sulphate, working loads; It is manufactured with a maximum load of 2.81 kN and 8.45 kN.