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Raised Floor Systems

Brand: BVT

Raised floor system creates a second floor in buildings, wiring, plumbing, etc. It is a practical building product produced with the aim of facilitating intervention when needed by providing the appropriate volume for the passage of other infrastructure elements in the area.

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HPL covered access floor PVC covered access floor Galvanized covered access floor Calcium sulphate core access floor Chipboard core access floor
About the Product
1Application Area

System rooms
Information processing centers
Control rooms
Office areas
Electrical-panel rooms
Transformer centers
• Laboratories
Telecom exchanges
UPS rooms
CCTV rooms
IT and internet rooms
Automation centers


It is a type of panel that can be used in areas where fire resistance is 30 minutes or less. It is a more economical product compared to calcium sulphate and its load carrying values are higher. It is more suitable for use in office areas.

It is suitable for use where fire resistance is required. It is 30mm standard production and can be produced in different thicknesses upon request.

Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm
• Panel Type: Chipboard Core - Calcium Sulphate Core
• Chipboard Core Panel Thickness: 30 mm - 38 mm
Calcium Sulphate Core Panel Thickness: 34 mm
• Top Layer: Steel - Aluminum - Parquet - PVC - HPL - Ceramic


Parallel 41 Architecture
• Yapıt Yapı - İTÜ Elek. Fak.
Bronze Architecture - Tekfen Kağıthane
• Foreks - ITU Arı 3
• İçtaş Construction - Hilton
• Elegant Structure
• ITU Technopolis Head Office - Arı 3
• Bayraktar Automotive - Hyundai
Orient Star Logistics
• Emerson - Tofaş Fiat
Enka Construction - Muscat Airport
Renaissance Construction - Qatar Doha
Pegasus Airlines
• Ankara PO
Arkel Insaat - Hilton
Oza Construction - Papirüs Plaza
• Sayın Construction
• Enka Besmyam
Kinza Construction
Kale Kilit Cerkezköy
Orsaş Construction - Spine Tower
• Arkas İzmir Gen. Director. Building
• Technopolis
• Altunizade Restaurant
• Almodo Textile
• Novozymes
• Veliefendi Hippodrome
CCN Construction - Bilkent City Hospital
• Kilinc Law / Vadistanbul
3rd Airport