Drawn Lines

Brand: Interface

High performance luxury vinyl tile. Drawn Lines LVT layers filament-fine marks in varying weights and rhythms, creating a never-ending geometric pattern and a soft pooling of light and dark areas with no visible repeats. Drawn Lines is available in a palette of 10 colours, from warm to cool, with a thread of metallic adding shimmer and depth. You can install Drawn Lines with glue-free TacTiles in areas up to 50m2. This simple, clean method emits virtually no VOCs, and the environmental impact is more than 90% lower than installation with traditional glue adhesives.

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Office, financial institutions, health facilities, retail trade facilities, educational and recreational facilities


- Comfortable to maintain and has long service life.
- TacTiles® can be installed without the need of adhesive thanks to the glue-free flooring system.
- Easy to install, dismantle and replace.

ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 14040, ISO 14020, LEED, BRE, DGNB, HQE, EPD, GUT