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PVC Click System Flooring | Fortelock

FORTELOCK Click Flooring Systems can be easily applied on the floors of houses, workplaces, workshops, factories, parking lots and garages, shops, warehouses, cafes, restaurants and many different places, either with a floating system or with a bonding system. Enjoyable working environments can be created in businesses by combining different colors and patterns together.

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About the Product
1Application Area

• All kinds of sales stores
• Parking lots and garages
• Car wash, auto repair, auto gallery
• Common areas
• Home and offices
• Factories
• Workshops
• Machining
• Fitness centers
• Terraces
• Indoor and outdoor spaces




• Possibility of application in just a few minutes
• Does not create dust and dirt, no need for special tools and waiting
• Products are 7 mm thick and resistant to vehicle and forklift traffic.
• It can be used indoors and outdoors and non-slip can be provided with different surface patterns.