PVC Flooring | Surestep Original

Surestep Original non-slip vinyl coating offers you a brand new alternative to traditional non-slip vinyls, thanks to its improved aesthetics. Surestep Original combines degrees of tone and lightness with its 33-color palette. There are 4 alternatives with 17dB sound reduction: 172862 / 171072 / 172092 / 171592

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Office and all working areas, educational institutions, airports, hotels, movie theaters, waiting areas, hospitals, banks.


With a focus on LCA improvement, we continue to improve our sustainable performance for all our flooring products.
• In the production of step-proof vinyl, we recycle all of our vinyl production waste within Forbo.
• Our recycled surface base content has been increased from 39% to 60%.
• AgBB compliant and TVOC<250 μg/m3.
• Produced with 100% green electricity.
• Water-based inks in printed designs
• Reduced use of water and detergent with the advantages of less cleaning & easy maintenance
• The Forbo Spray method is suitable for all R10 products, it is 100% biodegradable, does not contain chlorine, and is pH neutral.
• Step is a 100% convertible floor covering.