LVT Decking | Allura Wood

Allura Wood luxury vinyl (LVT) floor coverings offer many wood look options with a matte surface and natural vein textured surface. Allura Wood combines the aesthetics of a wooden floor with the advantages of a solid and durable LVT. Imagine a wooden floor with no splinters, no cracks and no sound when you walk! Moreover, when cut to plank dimensions, pattern repetition occurs occasionally, so the floor is truly unique.

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It has been developed for many crowded circulation areas such as shops, cafes and restaurants, recreation areas, hotels, offices and entrance and lobby areas.


Allura LVT Collection, which has a natural stone appearance, also takes its colors from nature. Allura combines the aesthetics of natural wood and stone floors with the advantages of a solid and durable LVT: warm feel, soundproofing, easy installation and maintenance. A few proven criteria make Allura LVT the choice: recycled phthalate-free raw materials, production using green energy in efficient production environments that can increase the recycling capacity by 100%.

Forbo Allura offers 3 sub-series, each with its own unique natural design:

The pattern offers wood tiles that look repetitive and natural. Forbo's design mastery translates into intimate, elegant and lifelike wood designs, from subtle tones to vibrant and modern woods. It has different sizes such as 100X15cm, 120x20cm and 150x28cm.

Feel the pleasure of natural stone under your feet. Mineral, wear marks and pattern design options create opportunities for all kinds of spaces. Tile sizes of 50X50cm and 50x75cm are available.

Interesting pattern designs to create a real impact and stand out areas on your floor. Simple and striped designs that you can mix and match. Tile sizes of 50X50cm and 100x25cm are available.