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Quartz Surface Coating (Wall, Floor, Countertop)

Quartz, which is close to the hardness of diamond, which is 10 Mohs in the Mohs Hardness Scale used for the hardness grading of minerals, and is among the hardest minerals, has a value of 7 Mohs. The dough, which is obtained by mixing 95% quartz and other binding materials, is pressed under high temperature and pressure and converted into a man-made building material. The obtained material is in solid structure and is called quartz surfaces. With this surface, which is produced in plates, it is used in various surface applications by being sized by countertop manufacturers. Thanks to the labor involved in dough preparation, patterns similar to natural stone patterns or with a different creativity can be obtained. Different design approaches of different companies can be selected and used according to the needs of the project. Quartz surfaces produced in different thicknesses and weights are evaluated in different usage areas such as kitchen countertops, stair steps, outdoor coverings, interior coverings, and tables. Thanks to the 2021 model fully computer-controlled 5-axis bridge cutting machine within Akrikor, human error has been minimized. In this way, all kinds of difficult sizing and cutting can be done quickly.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Kitchen counters, bathroom counters, flooring, wall coverings, kitchen wall panels, shower and cabin walls, staircase applications, medallion applications, table and island applications, reception and service counters, elevator floors




• Scratch and abrasion resistance
• Mohs 7 hardness
• Chemical resistance
• High temperature resistance
• Fire resistance

4Quality Assurance Certificates